Built for VR / AR

Our lab facility is set up to run virtual and augmented reality applications and is equipped with the latest XR devices

  • Spacious lab supports a range of roomscale set ups
  • Non-reflective walls to optimise signals for VR racking
  • A range of VR and AR headsets available to test applications with
  • Capture where users are looking in VR
  • Capture emotional responses using GSR
  • HD recording of all sessions
  • Professional user researchers available to plan and run your research sessions

Virtual and Augmented reality devices

Our lab is equipped with a solid range of devices for both VR and AR, ranging from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive to Sony Playstation VR and Microsoft Hololens

Real-time observation room

The sessions are moderated by a senior user researcher and can be viewed in our observation room or streamed to a different location.

VR Eye-tracking

We can provide VR eye tracking to enhance the insights with objective measures of where people look and how their emotions change during the experience.

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