Workshop: Design thinking and Enterprise AR

April was a busy month for us. We took part in the AREA annual workshop, providing on overview of how the human centred design process can be applied to the design and optimisation of AR use cases in enterprise settings.

We ran through the key steps where user research is essential to understanding the problem and ensuring subsequent adoption and results from implementation of an AR solution.

We also explained how a use case can be designed from the human workers perspective by understanding the business goals and the needs of the user, before storyboarding and then rapidly prototyping a fully interactive AR user journey, which can subsequently be tested to ensure a high level of usability and safety following established ISO standards.

To demonstrate the process, Threesixty produced a fully interactive example of an enterprise challenge being solved with an AR solution running on the RealWear HMT-1 device.

Using a volunteer from the audience and some low-fi props representing an enterprise installation we ran a live usability evaluation to show how testing applications with real users can immediately help to identify critical issues that can be used to improve the design and ultimately the performance of the AR solution against business critical KPIs.

Read the full case study.