Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Immersive Training patterns

Attention directors: Arrows and visual markers


Overlaying markers, icons and arrows can help to guide the user to look in the correct places, understand what they need to do next or understand exactly which item a piece of additional information relates to.


Here, the arrow markers point out important elements to pay attention to on the harness.


Here, the arrows direct the users attention to the next step in the action sequence, helping them to learn how to complete a particular task.

Another example of how the arrows guide the user through the correct task sequence.  This is important as one of the key factors in performing a task competently, safely and efficiently is learning where to to focus your attention at any given moment in time.


Here, the arrows point things out as the user inspects a tunnel. This helps them to understand what is important and the correct terminology for things so they can communicate more effectively with colleagues.


Another example of how arrows are combined with labels to tech the user what each object is.


Here, an icon provides augmented information about the current state of lever. When the lever is pushed forward the status and icon change.