Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Virtual Reality patterns

Halo media viewer

User goals

  • Understand where to place an object
  • Select a piece of media to view
  • Trigger a piece of immersive media


VR often includes sequences of media (audio, immersive 3D video, information etc.) that can be played or viewed. We need a way to allow users to control which media is played back and when. One way to do this is to place an object that has associated media in a particular place in the 3D environment.

  • The user grabs the object using the systems grab interaction
  • A halo or other visual indicator shows the user where the object should be places to start the media playback interaction
  • This can be on a table or other surface.
  • When the object is placed there is immediate feedback to show the media has been accepted and is now launching


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