Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Virtual Reality patterns

Gaze locomotion

User goals

Move along in a predetermined direction without a joystick or controller


  1. User uses the gaze cursor for targeting
  2. They do not have a joystick or any controller to move around the virtual space
  3. The space has been designed to allow full interaction using only gaze
  4. The user moves the gaze cursor onto directional arrows on the floor. The arrow indicates the direction of travel.
  5. The cursor triggers the arrow to move forwards and this pulls the user along for so long as their gaze remains fixed on the arrow
  6. Looking away from the arrow stops the movement
  7. The gaze essentially behaves like an invisible grappling hook that locks onto the moving arrow


  • Allows the user to move along without a controller
  • Allows user to control distance moved, and stop movement when desired


  • Can only travel in predetermined directions and predetermined distances
  • The user needs to first see the arrow and understand they must fixate the cursor onto it
  • The fusing duration needs to be engineered correctly (too soon and results in accidental activation, too long and user may fail to discover it)



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