Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Immersive Training patterns

Object manipulation: attaching or placing objects


During VR training the user may need to place an object in a specific place or attach it to another object.


Snap-on Magnetic placement: here the user must place the the item in a specific place on the door frame. A blue glow indicates the specific location when the user gets close to it. The item magnetically attaches to the correct location. VR does not allow incredibly precise and fiddly hand operations so is not effective at training manual dexterity, but is effective at training procedural and sequence knowledge. For this reason the snap on magnetic interaction is essential.


Again the user must figure out where to place the components and the interaction is completed with the snap on magnetic effect. Notice in the second video below the instructor uses their controller to point towards the correct location.


Connecting wires: This works in a similar fashion in that once the user places he wire in the correct spot, it just clips on automatically. Notice the change of colour after each connection to indicate the items are now connected.