Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Immersive Training patterns

Attention directors: Highlighting targets


During training the user maybe required to locate a specific object or move to a very specific location to complete the next step in the training simulation. We may want to help them to learn where to look or go, by highlighting the target object or location. This technique is often used in video games to help gamers navigate and understand what the next action is. 2 common techniques are to:

  1. make the target item glow or use visual highlighting make it stand out
  2. use a visual cursor or halo around the target object.


Here, the target item has a bright, pulsating glow animation to help the user locate it. This is important when training scenarios occur in large spaces, where a particular machine or item could be on the other side of the warehouse and therefore unlikely to be easily spotted.


Here the ring that the harness needs to be attached to is gently glowing to help guide the user’s attention.


In this one, the object that needs to be picked up is highlighted with a square cursor around the outside of it.


Here, the square cursors help to show the user the 4 parts of the item that require welding.