Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Immersive Training patterns

Safety: Put head protection on


VR training is often used in scenarios where health and safety is critical. One of the steps that may need to be simulated involves picking up a had hat or other head protection and putting it on. This would use the interaction for picking up an object (e.g. using the controller grip button or whatever is the mechanism for that training environment) and an interaction for placing the item on your head.


Here, after picking the hardhat up using the standard grip button, it disappears from view when it is close enough to be placed on the user’s head. Once on the head there is little to indicate it is there,


This one involves a face shield for welding and the user needs to pull the vizor down. The green tint of the glass and the reduced FoV make it clear that the face protection is being worn.


In this one the user puts a headset on for ground staff work at an airport.