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Augmented Reality patterns

Direct manipulation rotate

User goals

  • View an object from all sides or a different angle
  • Rotate a 3D object object along it’s x axis
  • Complete the interaction without using controllers or accessing any hidden menus to improve efficiency and ease of use
  • Provide fine control the exact angle and orientation


The Hololens 2 has introduced the ability of directly interacting with 3D objects using just the user’s hands, all thanks to the introduction of fully articulated hand tracking.

  • The user moves their hand to the edge of the bounding box of a 3D object
  • They perform the pinch gesture with thumb and forefinger on one of the vertical corner lines of the bounding box (see video below)
  • Keeping the the pinch in place they move their hand left or right to rotate the object along horizontal plane
  • Letting go of the pinch releases the object and stops the interaction

It’s worth also considering visual or auditory cues that could help provide feedback with the pinch is locked in and the rotation can start. For example the colour of the lines of the boundary box could become more salient or change.

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Hololens 2: Pinch to rotate object