Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Immersive Training patterns

Controller input mapping (controller hints)


Labels are displayed and overlaid over the controller buttons in the VR environment. This pattern is already covered as a VR best practice. Here are some examples of how it’s also used in VR training.

It’s an important patterns when the user needs to use the controller buttons to perform different actions, but will not immediately know which button does what. It’s particularly important as:

a) The user cannot see the physical controllers when they have the VR headset on

b) The training is not assessing their ability to remember controller buttons, so it’s important to provide information that helps make the VR interactions more intuitive and seamless

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Here, a controller button is used to drive the forklift forwards and backwards, and operate the handbrake, but there is no way the user would know this, so a hint label is shown. In this case these actions are carried out using foot pedals, which cannot easily be simulated using standard VR equipment.