Design patterns for Immersive Tech

Immersive Training patterns

Post action feedback


To make VR training effective it’s important to provide the user with feedback about the outcome of their actions:

  • Indicate the action was completed
  • Indicate if the action was performed correctly
  • Indicate if the result of the action was positive or negative

To drive reinforcement learning, it’s often desirable to show the feedback immediately after the associated action has taken place.



Environmental feedback: Something in the environment changes to indicate that the action has been completed. It could be a sound, a light turning on or off, an engine or machine starting, a virtual gauge or dial showing a different reading, water or steam appearing or stopping when a valve is turned etc.

Notice how the flame goes down after this action is completed…

Progress indication: Green ticks or other visual icons appear on screen to show the step was completed

This one gives the user 100 points as the feedback for completing the action

Checklist update: A new item appears or is ticked off on the checklist


On screen message: A message appears on the screen to tell the user if the action was successful or not (note that feedback can also be negative)

In this one the completion feedback reminds the user why it’s important to always complete the action correctly, reinforcing the correct attitude relevant to this training.

This one uses 2 techniques: First the green circle icon indicates when the fork is activated and then a message box modal appears in the middle of the screen to say the step was completed.


Snap on: Objects magnetically snap onto other objects in a way that indicates they have been combined or attached correctly