A library of interaction design patterns for Immersive Tech

The design of any interactive technology represents a language that is constantly evolving, while coming up with new ways to solve a specific problem: ‘how do I get from A to B’ or ‘how is a button supposed to respond to a direct touch interaction”.

In terms of design language,┬ávirtual and augmented reality are still very young and many of the applications don’t seem to speak with the same language to the user.

A mature and stable design has a series of established patterns – i.e. solutions to a specific problem – that reduce the cognitive load and increase the familiarity when interacting with a technology. This is because one of the goal of design is to give structure and consistency to the ways user are supposed to interact with a system.

We have started research and organising these patterns in a library so that they are accessible to designers, product managers and anyone interested in understanding how problems are currently being solved.

Our aim is to keep expanding this resource and eventually create working example of the most relevant and appropriate patterns that can be used in prototypes.